Teresa J. Gundersen


Workers Compensation

Teresa Gundersen, Attorney at Law, New Jersey Workers Compensation Attorney, Monmouth, Ocean, Bergen, Hudson, Essex and Passaic

The Workers Compensation System is designed to ensure that employees with injuries or diseases that arose during the course of employment will be partially and expeditiously compensated for their losses without proof of fault.

Every New Jersey employee is entitled to wages when they cannot work, medical treatment and a permanency money award if any percentage of disability results.

The law requires that every New Jersey employer have workers compensation insurance for this purpose. The statute even provides for payment of the injured employee’s legal fee.

So many employees are injured during the course of employment and have no idea as to all of their legal entitlements and protections.

A Workers Compensation Attorney like myself is your advocate, counselor, and your means to all of these entitlements.

The focus of my representation of an injured worker is to facilitate my client’s receipt of everything that the law provides for him or her.


I represent workers who either live or work (for employers based) in all of the following New Jersey Counties:


Monmouth, Ocean, Bergen, Hudson, Essex and Passaic.


Without a workers compensation attorney, so many employees fail to obtain the information and representation that they need in order to receive all that the law affords them.

Contacting me is of no cost to you.

Protect yourself and all of your interests.


My telephone number for all counties is 732-299-3092

My email is teresagundersen@aol.com


I also continue to handle select personal injury cases.

I am a licensed New Jersey attorney since 1983. I served as a Judge’s law clerk for a one year term and I have represented private clients from 1984 to the present time.

I am a member of the important New Jersey Advisory Council on Safety and Health, “COSH”, which is a nonprofit organization of workers compensation petitioner’s lawyers and doctors, retired judges and unions working together to protect the rights of injured New Jersey workers in compensation court and through legislation.

I am also a member of the American Inns of Court, New Jersey Workers Compensation, which is continuing education taken by the attorneys and Judges of Workers Compensation while dining together each month.

Teresa Gundersen, Workers Compensation Attorney, New Jersey, Monmouth, Ocean, Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Passaic